homemade rock pools

We’ve been at Grandmas this week and so today I had a nice long sleep In the morning. By the the time I came downstairs Grandma and the boys had recreated the rock pools that we had been crawling around yesterday. This one is obviously not a rock pool, but actually the beach with the […]

cardboard aquarium

What to do when the boys want to make something and we have run out of space to make any large cardboard creations, so we looked in the book (365 Things to Make and Do – Parragon Books) and settled on a cardboard aquarium. This is a very straight-forward project. 1. Start with a shoe […]

chocolate wrapper kites

Grandma was here last week and promised the boys a treat one day. Almost every time that we go to the supermarket the boys ask for a box of Roses, like we had at Christmas, so their wish came true. My youngest couldn’t quite remember the name of the chocolates and so kept asking for […]

not just another valentines post

Valentines is not the worst of ‘holidays’, although it is incredibly crass at its most commercial level, and it is difficult not to be cynical. For some holidays their origins or purpose are largely irrelevant, but they do however bring attention back to the things that are important in life. Since we returned back to […]

stained glass windows to brighten up the day

With the weather taking a turn for the worse, we decided to brighten up the day with some coloured stained glass windows made from tissue paper and card. This is probably the easiest thing to do in the world to brighten up a room and the mood. As my boys are so young I ended […]

painting with magic maize (or wotsits by numbers)

My boys are at the age where they want to make or do things, but quickly lose interest if it’s not done immediately. When we make something or paint pictures I usually have to get prepared everything in advance so that we are good to go. We were recently given as a birthday present a […]

dinosaur days – cardboard dinosaur models

Having battled the rain and wind, we made it into London and visited the Natural History Museum yesterday, the boys were keen to keep the memories alive, and wanted to make some dinosaur models. Once we had drawn out the body and legs onto cardboard, we carefully cut our the shape and slotted the pieces […]

muppets birthday party

For our sons fourth birthday we had a Muppets themed birthday party with cakes, pinata, and party bags. My wife even made a Kermit hat, like Walter in the movie, which for once he even wore during the party. Having made several pinata’s for other birthday parties, we had to make a Kermit pinata for […]

rocket ship – painted

Almost ready for lift-off now that the outside has been painted.  I think that I actually preferred the rocket white and unpainted rocket, but H had the final word on the colours. Its taken us nearly two months to get to this stage, and the final touches of painting outside identification and logo, covering the […]

R’s second birthday

Today is our youngest second birthday and he wanted a dinosaur themed party. Slightly disappointing dinosaur cake which was a collaboration, and so a mix of ideas and compromises, between my wife and I.