My boys are at the age where they want to make or do things, but quickly lose interest if it’s not done immediately. When we make something or paint pictures I usually have to get prepared everything in advance so that we are good to go.

We were recently given as a birthday present a set of Magic Maize (ELC), which are multi-coloured Wotsits (Cheetos) – looking cylinders which are used to make pictures by applying a little water and sticking them onto paper or card.

magic-maizeWith almost no preparation required, they were an instant hit. For me the best thing, other than being able to make some cool pictures, is that they are virtually mess free.

Step one: add a little colour to the picture using crayons.
magic maize2Step two: moisten the maize.
magic maize3Step three: lightly press the maize onto the card or paper.
magic maize4Step four: stand back and appreciate your creation!
magic-maizeThe pack came with several images to use, but we are going to make some ourselves, which at the request of the boys will be a rainbow, a rocket, and for some reason, an ambulance.

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