For our sons fourth birthday we had a Muppets themed birthday party with cakes, pinata, and party bags. My wife even made a Kermit hat, like Walter in the movie, which for once he even wore during the party.

Having made several pinata’s for other birthday parties, we had to make a Kermit pinata for a Muppets party.


pinata-kermitHaving never made a chocolate cake, I made a test cake (without the icing) last Monday, I knew that the recipe was edible. After a few tutorials on youtube on how to ice cakes, I was off and managed to make a Kermit the Frog and a Miss Piggy.

H-cakesMy wife made the party bags with a selection of chocolates, toy bugs, glow sticks, and lollies. Itemised stickers were placed on all bags.






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