Valentines is not the worst of ‘holidays’, although it is incredibly crass at its most commercial level, and it is difficult not to be cynical. For some holidays their origins or purpose are largely irrelevant, but they do however bring attention back to the things that are important in life.

Since we returned back to the UK last year my wife has had to work, as I have not been in a position to do so. This means that she’s out of the house more than twelve hours a day and some days doesn’t get to see the boys at all.

We certainly can’t complain. There are many families where both parents work the same amount of hours or more, or where neither parent is in a position to work, but for us, especially my wife, this time away from the family is hard.

So having made a bit of a hash of the various gifts over the last twelve months (ten year anniversary, birthday, Christmas) that I had given to my wife, I needed to make sure that whatever I did this time was a hit. As I now have the time to do something a little more personal, I pressganged the boys into action and we did some cooking and crafts.

heart-cookiesI had tried to amend my cookie recipe to replace chocolate with some dried cranberries, but they came out a big gooey mess, so had to revert back to chocolate!

valentines-cardMy wife is a professional graphic designer and so sets the bar high, especially with print and design. I accept the fact that I am technically inept and lack the necessary skills to pull off most if my ideas, but it is testament to persistence, cardboard, parcel tape and paint, what can actual be achieved.

printing-blocksNot to be out-done by dad, the boys made some cards at nursery.



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