Having battled the rain and wind, we made it into London and visited the Natural History Museum yesterday, the boys were keen to keep the memories alive, and wanted to make some dinosaur models.


Cardboard-3D-dinosaurCardboard dinosaursOnce we had drawn out the body and legs onto cardboard, we carefully cut our the shape and slotted the pieces together to make the 3D dinosaurs.

With all of the scissor work now done by me, it was time to hand over the project to the boys to apply the paint and add some detail.

Painting-cardboard-dinosaursStick on a couple of eyes onto each dinosaur and we are good to go.



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  1. Great stuff. How easy are your dinosaurs to make . school holidays and looking for something to do with my next new terms class topic , Its Jurassic world. thanks for saving me a lot of time with my planning . 😉

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