Easter had arrived and my wife took time off work and we planned out a week of activities to keep the boys amused; Bocketts, The Look Out, Warwick Castle, and Legoland, to name but a few. This also coincided with my computer operating system stopping working and forcing me to lose most of my photos of the week and keeping me from adding any new posts.


Anyway, this week we returned to one of the boys favourite places, Bocketts Farm Park.

As it’s spring, and Bocketts is a working farm, it was lambing season in the big barn. This was a bit of an eye opener for me, but the boys didn’t really pay attention to farmer with his arms up the ewe, with blood all over his shirt and sleeve! Lambs aplenty, it was a good day for the boys and their older cousins to visit the farm.

Last time we came we did the Animal Handling with rabbits and hens, but this time we got to touch little chicks and a goat.

One of the reasons we come back to Bocketts Farm, are the play areas that they have. The boys love the large indoor slides as much as the parks outside. Our eldest was tall enough to pedal the ‘racing cars’ that they have built and loved riding around the circuit.

We only live thirty minutes away from Bocketts, but both boys are always asleep by the time we get home, having run around like headless chickens all day long.

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