March 1st, other than being Saint Davids Day, is also the first day of spring. My boys have just witnessed their first full British winter, which turned out to be the wettest in more than 250 years.

So with an official change in the season we get what seems like an actual change in the seasons. The sun is shinning and the flowers are truly in bloom. As it was the weekend we all went to RHS Wisley for a walk and a play at the park. Whilst the boys ran around and my wife kept a watchful eye on them, I took some pictures of the plants, trees and flowers.

Unfortunately I am not a botanist and so have absolutely no idea what any of the plants are in my pictures. As far as I am aware we have, and in no particular order; crocuses, snowdrops, daffodils, and clematis.

Please feel free to identify and comments on any of the pictures.purple-flowers red-flowers lilac lilac-and-white daffodils purple-flower-closeup

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