pigletsOne of our usual haunts to get out of the house during the week is Piglets Play Centre. Over the last few months we have spent at least one morning a week at Piglets play centre, as it’s the first place the boys want to go to if I give them a choice!

One of the main attractions to Piglets is that it has both indoor and outdoor activities. Indoors has all the usual soft-play, kitchens, cars and bikes, but it is outside that really sets it apart from other places.

Outdoors at Piglets

Running around and burning off energy as well as stimulating the mind are key targets when getting out of the house which is why we come here as the outdoor area is set in a large enclosed grass field with plenty of space.

With slides, swings, wooden playhouses with ramps, wooden tractors and a sandpit, there is plenty of things for both boys to be amused. When we went last week the weather had been dry for some time and so the sandpit was a perfect place to decamp and dig lots of holes.

As the name would suggest there are pigs, as well as a few other animals and in the drier months they also do pony rides, which as you can imagine during holidays are very popular.

Indoors at Piglets

During the winter we have been consigned to staying indoors, as my boys attract more mud than the pigs! Fortunately there are enough facilities indoors to keep them entertained. My eldest tends to disappear into the soft play, whilst my youngest alternates between the cars and tractors, and the wooden wendy house with the kitchen and cooker.

Throw in the decent coffee and it’s a win-win for all!

Piglets – Burhill Road, Hersham

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