Throughout the Summer and Autumn we went out into the woods and commons several times a week to look at the trees and plants and to get some fresh air. Since December we haven’t managed to get out too much as it seems like it has rained the whole time.

With a nice break in the weather this weekend we headed to a local common for a walk and to soak in some sun. As the ground was really wet we booted up and wrapped up warm. pyrfordDuring the recent storms very few of the really big trees were blown down, but with the continuously wet ground many of the birches were not so lucky, which made for fun obstacles.

pyrford fallen treesWith all of the rain that we have had has one benefit that the boys like; muddy puddles. Although some of them were a little too deep and they needed a helping hand.

An old tree stump provided some respite from the mud and an excuse to climb something.

Animal muppet hat face


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