Bekonscot is somewhere that I have heard about since I met my wife nearly twenty years ago, but having not been brought it in the south of England, I had never visited the place as a child.
bekonscot-model-villageFor those that do not know Bekonscot, it is, if I am not mistaken, the largest model village in the world. Whilst some of the parts are a little old, I am sure for all of the parents returning for the first time since they were themselves kids, they can probably be classed as nostalgic. bekonscot-model-villageThe village is laid out so that you follow a path through the town, starting at the cricket pitch, past the zoo, and around the airport, hotel and fair. With many more little areas of interest.bekonscot-model-village bekonscot-model-village bekonscot-model-village bekonscot-model-village bekonscot-model-village bekonscot-model-village bekonscot-model-villageHaving chased the model trains around the park all morning, it was equally exciting for the boys to ride the miniature railway.bekonscot-model-villageWe took a break from visiting the village to have lunch and play in the park.
bekonscot-model-villagebekonscot-model-village bekonscot-model-village

Our boys have been here several times and I know that most of our friends children have been here many times (probably once a year), so I expect that we will be back again in the not too distant future. As a charity Bekonscot give all profits away, so its also another good reason to visit.

Bekonscot Model Village – Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, HP9 2PL

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