London-Marathon-EmbankmentQuite a few of our inspiring friends, for some reason, decided to run in the London marathon today. Not that they decided today to do it rather they made the decision several months ago and put in the many miles training that was needed to cross the finish line.

We however just turned up, wandered around the SouthBank, had a spot of early lunch and then joined the crowds on the Embankment to cheer on the runners.

With two young children it is often feels easier to avoid crowded events, especially in London with a pushchair and having to navigate escalators and stairwells, but that potentially means missing out on a great day. Taking the boys to events which inspire and motivate them, be it creative, cultural or sporting, is important, and more often than not has been worth trying. That’s not to say it always goes to plan, but today was that did.

My friend Ben was running his first marathon today and was wearing a GPS tracker so we were able to chart his progress and we waited expectantly for him to run past us at the 24 mile mark, which he duly did and went on to finish in a very good time of around three and a half hours. Not bad for a guy 40 next month!

Once Ben has run passed us we walk towards the finish line along the Thames to Parliament Square and then through to Trafalgar Square to meet up with him and congratulate him on his remarkable achievement.

Ben is raising money for Asthma UK, which is a great organisation, so feel free to click on the link below and donate.



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