Legoland Windsor

We visited Legoland Windsor several times last year and as it is now open again after the Winter we decided to head over again and see what the boys can now ride on.

Once we have taken the train down hill, our first stop is usually the Boat School. In the queue the boys play with the tables of Lego to wile away the time.

legoland-legoWith the boys “in control” of steering (as they are too short to be in control of the power) the ride is more like bumper-cars than a gentle float around the park watching the Lego animals.

legoland-boatLunchtime is usually spent sitting round at the Pirates of Skeleton Bay eating a packedlunch and watching the show. The acrobatic pirates are entertaining enough to keep the boys sat still and to eat their sandwiches. Be warned that there is a lot of water and you will get wet if you sit in the wrong place!

The advantage of Legoland over other theme parks is that it is specifically design for young children of a variety of ages, which means that there are enough rides and activities for both boys to do.  There are some height restrictions, but generally the boys are satisfied with what they can do.

Obviously the highlight of the day is seeing the rugby in the Welsh valley in Miniland!

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