This week is half term so we jumped in car and went to Welsh Wales to visit Grandma. Other than seeing family my eldest talks of nothing else other than going to the local beach and climbing around rock pools with his fishing nets, which is why we bought him a rock pooling reference book for Christmas so that we could learn a little more about what we were finding.

Since we last visited there had been some major storms to hit the beach, and the whole area was covered in new large boulders and rocks. On the day that we went, the sun was shining, it wasn’t too cold and there was hardly a cloud in the sky.

When we came in December, it was raining and cold and I was not too enthusiastic about the idea of getting my feet wet, and so we didn’t manage to find much.  This time I decided to wear wellies, to be able to maximise our time in the pools.

boy-with-fishing-netrock-poolI’m not sure whether it was the recent storms, the time of year, or just bad luck, but I turned over hundreds of large stones in search of some wildlife, such as crabs or fish, with limited luck.

todays-catchDespite our best efforts we only managed to find one very small crab, the size of a thumbnail, a very ugily red blob, which is some sort of sea anemone,  common limpets, and lots of pretty shells, seaweed, and driftwood.

Whilst the boys love looking for wildlife, and then looking in their book to see what they have found, the main thing that they love is being outside, and whilst our search didn’t yield too much, the mission was accomplished.

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