ChessingtonMany years ago, before the boys were born, we went on safari to Kenya and Tanzania. When the boys get older we would love to go back again, but in the meantime we can go to Chessington World of Adventure. Not quite as exotic or the sheer number of animals hurtling across the savanna, but it’s a start. And let’s be honest the boys don’t know any different.

Going to a theme park during school term means that the rides are often empty first thing in the morning and the Safari ride was no exception. Getting to the start took about five minutes to walk through the desolate turnstiles that would normally be a full.

Chessington-safari-truckChessington-giraff Chessington-rhinoAs some of the park doesn’t opens until midday in the off season we were able to explore areas in peace and quiet and actually take in our surroundings.

Chessington-Chinese-dragon Chessington-budda Chessington-ferris-wheel

There are a lot of rides at Chessington, some of which are for children older than my two boys, however it’s the animals that they really love.

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