earning his spurs

Not being a Spurs fan, I was not overjoyed that the boys support Spurs (blame the wife), however the smile on our eldest face, when a package arrived this week with his name on it and the Tottenham Hotspur badge on the outside, lasted all weekend. The boys are members of another national supporters club […]

school applications

This week marked the deadline for school applications for children starting reception classes this September. We had spent several months deciding where to relocate to when we moved back to the UK, with our decision primarily based on accessibility to London, proximity to family, and quality of schools and nurseries, and affordability of houses. The […]

R’s first day at nursery – ever

R’s first ever day at nursery today in the same place as H. No tears or tantrums, he just walked off into the room, having already seen his brother go into another class, slightly bewildered. Typically on my walk home alone I see a squirrel, which the boys keep missing and a flock of parakeets, […]

back to school

The early morning 530am wake up call by our youngest must mean that my wife is back to work and that H is back to nursery. The last few weeks have shot by and term starts again. This week also marks the start of R’s first day at nursery, as he turned two in December. […]

baby chinos

After an early start to the New Year for breakfast, the boys wake up with baby chinos. Having just brought an Nespresso machine with a milk frothing cappuccino maker, the boys are attracted to the new machine as it chugs and spurts out the coffee.

the flight home

Having left the UK in October 2006 with my wife and no children, to work for an international investment company, for a few years, we are finally returning after seven years with two boys in toe. We were lucky enough to fly business on the A380  from Dubai to London, although the bar area only […]