The early morning 530am wake up call by our youngest must mean that my wife is back to work and that H is back to nursery. The last few weeks have shot by and term starts again. This week also marks the start of R’s first day at nursery, as he turned two in December. H started at the same age, but R seems so little.

As has been the case for the whole of Christmas, the heavens opened and the grounds flooded. Pushing the best part of 50kgs, uphill, one handed whilst holding an umbrella is quite a work out. I somehow need to secure the umbrella to the pram, so an afternoon in the garage to work some magic.

We were very lucky last term as I don’t recall having any days with the weather as bad as today. So, as it was so miserable I wasn’t going to stop to take a picture, so here is one from a sunnier day in October.

school walk

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