Everytime we head to the park the boys want to go to the skate ramps, not that they can skate, but they enjoy running up and down and sometimes (when not falling over and loosing a knee or elbow) also to scoot. Since we moved into our house our skater fiend friend Mick has been at almost every opportunity petitioning us to build a ramp in a corner of our garden. What started out as a small ramp became a half-pipe and eventually a seven foot wide eighteen foot long half pipe, which is likely to become the envy of the neighbourhood.


(Above) Mick

The build took two days, alot of timber and ply, two barbeques and a few beers.

Skate_Ramp_Home-Made3Skate_Ramp_Home-Made4   Skate_Ramp_Home-Made5

Moving the ramps from the lawn to the back of the garden was a little more work than anticipated and nearly broke our backs.Skate_Ramp_Home-Made6Skate_Ramp_Home-Made8 Skate_Ramp_Home-Made7I suspect that Mick will have more fun than the boys on the ramp!

Mike the boy wonder aka peter pan

Skate_Ramp_Home-Made9Still need a lick of paint and a few tags, but almost there.

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