chessington world of adventure

Many years ago, before the boys were born, we went on safari to Kenya and Tanzania. When the boys get older we would love to go back again, but in the meantime we can go to Chessington World of Adventure. Not quite as exotic or the sheer number of animals hurtling across the savanna, but […]

first home grown strawberry of the year

Spring harvest With the some what changeable weather that we have had in recent weeks, we have not been in the garden as much as we would like. It has been however perfect conditions for the garden to grow, and we harvested and ate our first strawberry today.


Legoland Windsor We visited Legoland Windsor several times last year and as it is now open again after the Winter we decided to head over again and see what the boys can now ride on. Once we have taken the train down hill, our first stop is usually the Boat School. In the queue the […]

sunny day at bocketts farm

Easter had arrived and my wife took time off work and we planned out a week of activities to keep the boys amused; Bocketts, The Look Out, Warwick Castle, and Legoland, to name but a few. This also coincided with my computer operating system stopping working and forcing me to lose most of my photos […]

watching the london marathon

Quite a few of our inspiring friends, for some reason, decided to run in the London marathon today. Not that they decided today to do it rather they made the decision several months ago and put in the many miles training that was needed to cross the finish line. We however just turned up, wandered […]

gardening in the erm… garden

Gardening with kids One of the benefits of being back in the UK and not living in the Middle East, is that without the searing 50°C heat, we are able to grow plants and vegetables. Last summer we grew some tomatoes which the boys enjoyed planting, watering and picking. Most of the boys interest in […]

italian beef ragu – mario batali’s sauce

My sons are mad about pasta, and so it’s a regular on our weekly menu. I usually make a very simple tomato sauce to go with some penne or fusilli, but today I wanted to make something a little more flavoursome, so I decided to make a slow-cooked beef ragu. I have loosely used a […]

piglets play centre

One of our usual haunts to get out of the house during the week is Piglets Play Centre. Over the last few months we have spent at least one morning a week at Piglets play centre, as it’s the first place the boys want to go to if I give them a choice! One of […]

spring is here. it’s offical!

March 1st, other than being Saint Davids Day, is also the first day of spring. My boys have just witnessed their first full British winter, which turned out to be the wettest in more than 250 years. So with an official change in the season we get what seems like an actual change in the […]