remember rememeber the 5th of November

arts and crafts

Bonfire night for the boys is a new experience this year being back in the UK. Only professionals were allowed to buy and use fireworks in Dubai, so this was the first time that we had our own in the garden.

As I was lighting the fireworks and my wife looking after the boys we were unable to get any good photographs so the boys drew some pictures instead.


First we made fireworks using coloured lollipop sticks on a black paper background.


Then using coloured pipe cleaners we made some 3D fireworks. I had seen this on, but the boys were not quite as proficient.



The following evening the local school has some amazing fireworks, which with the strong winds, blew them almost overhead.

box racing car

arts and crafts

Having just moved into the house we had an abundance of strong brown cardboard boxes sitting in the garage. As my youngest sleeps for over an hour a day I needed to do something to amuse H during this time.

Starting off with just one large removal box, we taped up the box so that it was fully enclosed, and then using a box knife, I cut out the circular doors and the seating area. As we wanted to paint the car we needed cover over all of the tape with paper.

Box_Car_Unpainted_20130725Once the glue had dried we painted the car red and then added a grill, using coloured lollipop sticks and some headlights

Box_Car_20130803To finish off the cardboard box racing car we packed a small box full of paper and cardboard, covered it in coloured paper, and put it in the car as a seat. We also added a dashboard and registration plates.