cardboard aquarium

arts and crafts

What to do when the boys want to make something and we have run out of space to make any large cardboard creations, so we looked in the book (365 Things to Make and Do – Parragon Books) and settled on a cardboard aquarium.

This is a very straight-forward project.
1. Start with a shoe box and cut a rectangle on the front and back so that you can see all the way through.
2. Paint the box blue and add some stickers
3. Stick coloured tissue paper inside to resemble sand and water.
4. Stick some tissue paper to look like seaweed.
5. Draw some fish and colour them both side and then cut them out.
6. Stick the fish to some thread and attach to the roof of the box.



rocket ship

arts and crafts

Having previously built an earth-based vehicle we decided to aim for the stars and build a rocket ship from scratch using brown cardboard moving boxes.


We taped together the two boxes and cut into the top box to make the pyramid roof. Having covered our previous car creation in newspaper (which didn’t paint too well), we pasted white paper all over the rocket and waited for it to dry before deciding which colours to painting it.

box racing car

arts and crafts

Having just moved into the house we had an abundance of strong brown cardboard boxes sitting in the garage. As my youngest sleeps for over an hour a day I needed to do something to amuse H during this time.

Starting off with just one large removal box, we taped up the box so that it was fully enclosed, and then using a box knife, I cut out the circular doors and the seating area. As we wanted to paint the car we needed cover over all of the tape with paper.

Box_Car_Unpainted_20130725Once the glue had dried we painted the car red and then added a grill, using coloured lollipop sticks and some headlights

Box_Car_20130803To finish off the cardboard box racing car we packed a small box full of paper and cardboard, covered it in coloured paper, and put it in the car as a seat. We also added a dashboard and registration plates.