earning his spurs

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Not being a Spurs fan, I was not overjoyed that the boys support Spurs (blame the wife), however the smile on our eldest face, when a package arrived this week with his name on it and the Tottenham Hotspur badge on the outside, lasted all weekend.

Hotspur-Junior Hotspur-Junior Hotspur-JuniorThe boys are members of another national supporters club and they got nowhere as many goodies as they did in this pack, with a rucksack, pencils, pencil case, book, stickers and a voucher. We’ve had one very happy boy in the house this week.
Hotspur-Junior Hotspur-Junior

school applications

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This week marked the deadline for school applications for children starting reception classes this September. We had spent several months deciding where to relocate to when we moved back to the UK, with our decision primarily based on accessibility to London, proximity to family, and quality of schools and nurseries, and affordability of houses.

The local educational authority website provides detailed analysis on the breakdown of placements, (such as siblings, proximity to the school, special circumstances), for each school using this information it is possible to create a map with vectors to mark a sweet spot of probable acceptance to a range of schools.

So having marked up the probable catchment areas of three acceptable schools in the original area that we looked to relocate into, overlay with that the locations and catchments of the junior schools, we were left with a sweet spot of one street with about 20 houses. None of which were for rent.

Having been intently following the targeted property market on Zoopla all year, it was unlikely that a suitable place would come on the market in out sweet spot, either to rent or buy, and so we decided to look further afield

We eventually ended up in the next village and decided to hedge all of our bets on one school, which housed a nursery, an infants and a juniors all on the same site.

So with such large amounts of due diligence completed well in advance the process should have been straightforward and stress-free. However upon starting the online application process we we’re presented with the option to list up to four schools and so had to start the process all over again.

Roll on April 16th when we find out whether we backed the right horse or whether we will need to move house to be somewhere near the school of our (2nd/3rd/4th) choice.

R’s first day at nursery – ever

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R’s first ever day at nursery today in the same place as H.

No tears or tantrums, he just walked off into the room, having already seen his brother go into another class, slightly bewildered.

Typically on my walk home alone I see a squirrel, which the boys keep missing and a flock of parakeets, which I’ve never seen before in the town!


r-first-day-3After pick up both boys were tired and so shared the Maclaren  home.


back to school

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The early morning 530am wake up call by our youngest must mean that my wife is back to work and that H is back to nursery. The last few weeks have shot by and term starts again. This week also marks the start of R’s first day at nursery, as he turned two in December. H started at the same age, but R seems so little.

As has been the case for the whole of Christmas, the heavens opened and the grounds flooded. Pushing the best part of 50kgs, uphill, one handed whilst holding an umbrella is quite a work out. I somehow need to secure the umbrella to the pram, so an afternoon in the garage to work some magic.

We were very lucky last term as I don’t recall having any days with the weather as bad as today. So, as it was so miserable I wasn’t going to stop to take a picture, so here is one from a sunnier day in October.

school walk


the flight home

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Having left the UK in October 2006 with my wife and no children, to work for an international investment company, for a few years, we are finally returning after seven years with two boys in toe.

We were lucky enough to fly business on the A380  from Dubai to London, although the bar area only served as a creche for the boys.

H having his own seat and entertainment system kept him quiet for much of the journey.

Flight_home_1_20130517 Flight_home_2_20130517