backyard skate ramp

Everytime we head to the park the boys want to go to the skate ramps, not that they can skate, but they enjoy running up and down and sometimes (when not falling over and loosing a knee or elbow) also to skoot. Since we moved into our house our skater …


winter woodland colours

Most of the nature this Winter seems to have been of the very wet and cold variety. Trying to motivate small children …


sunny afternoon in the park

We are very fortunate to have lots of very good parks within a short walk or drive from our house. They each …


muddy puddles in the common

Throughout the Summer and Autumn we went out into the woods and commons several times a week to look at the trees …

rocl pooling Llantwit Major Beach

winter rock pooling

Having been rock pooling in the Summer several times, usually in the sun, but sometimes in the rain, H was keen to …


a local park

Having visited most of the local parks in the area, we finally found probably the best park to visit on a sunny …


Sheikhs beach Dubai

Last full day in Dubai so we decided to spend the morning at the Sheikh’s Beach.