box racing car

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Having just moved into the house we had an abundance of strong brown cardboard boxes sitting in the garage. As my youngest sleeps for over an hour a day I needed to do something to amuse H during this time.

Starting off with just one large removal box, we taped up the box so that it was fully enclosed, and then using a box knife, I cut out the circular doors and the seating area. As we wanted to paint the car we needed cover over all of the tape with paper.

Box_Car_Unpainted_20130725Once the glue had dried we painted the car red and then added a grill, using coloured lollipop sticks and some headlights

Box_Car_20130803To finish off the cardboard box racing car we packed a small box full of paper and cardboard, covered it in coloured paper, and put it in the car as a seat. We also added a dashboard and registration plates.


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